Join us in seeking out uncertified palm oil

Do you know about palm oil? Do you know how production of uncertified palm oil affects rain forests and their inhabitants? If not, you aren’t alone.

Strangely enough, the question is not as hotly debated in Sweden as in other countries. This is because the average Swede is not yet fully aware of the palm oil controversy. In Sweden, food product labelling rules will not change until December 2014, when ingredient listings must begin to specify whether the term “vegetable fat” really refers to palm oil.

The production of uncertified palm oil has a significant negative impact on the environment and society. Therefore, the hotels in Sigtuna’s sustainable destination project have decided to review their use of food products containing palm oil. Sigtuna municipality is also participating in the hunt for palm oil, and is striving to reduce the use of uncertified palm oil in its operations. Together, Sigtuna and its hospitality industry are challenging Sweden’s other 289 municipalities to do the same.

Knowledge sharing is not just a benefit for sustainable development; it is a prerequisite for achieving lasting sustainability results.

For this reason, Sigtuna hotels have released a palm oil list and are writing blogs about their progress in the hunt for palm oil (available in Swedish only). Together we make a difference.

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